Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is electronic recycling?

A: Electronic recycling is the act of reselling, refurbishing, or breaking down used or unwanted electronics. The purpose of electronic recycling is to keep electronics out of landfills in Orlando Recycles Logoorder to protect our environment.

Q:What items do you accept?

A:  We accept almost everything that is electronic. A list of some examples we will take is desktops, laptops, servers, A/V Equipment, smart phones, tablets, IT equipment, cameras, network switches, telephones, and much more.

Q: What items don’t you accept?

A: Examples of items we cannot accept are CRT monitors, LED lights, cubicles, desks, tin cans, refrigerators, microwaves, scrap metal& plastic bottles

Q: Do you pay for my items?

A: In many cases yes! We have paid out millions of dollars to companies for their unused equipment before.  After your free evaluation of your products we will give you a quote of their value.

Q: Is there a pickup fee for my items?

A: No, we offer free pickup service. Once you schedule your pickup with our procurement team we will come and do all the heavy lifting and loading for you.

Q: Can I sell my electronics to you if I’m not a business?

A: No. Orlando Recycles is a business-to-business electronic recycling company. We are only authorized to purchase equipment from other businesses.

Q: Can I recycle my personal electronics with Orlando Recycles?

A:  Yes. We will accept your personal items and assist you with recycling your electronics responsibly. We have a recycling bin outside of our warehouse that is available for use 24/7. If you come to dropoff during our business hours of 10AM-5PM we will help you unload your equipment.

Q:When I dispose of my company’s computers is my data protected?

A: Yes. Orlando Recycles offers data destruction to ensure your sensitive data is protected. All data is either physically destroyed or over-written. In order to provide a peace of mind we can even provide you with a destruction certificate upon request.