What is Electronic Recycling?

Simply put, electronic recycling is the act of reselling, refurbishing, or breaking down electronics.

We'll drive to your location, assess your equipment, and haul it away, all for free.
We evaluate which equipment has reached it's end of life and which can be repurposed.
We will re-furbish unwanted tech or break it down to ensure nothing ends up in a landfill.
We provide outdoor bins for personal electronic recycling, 24/7.

Our Purpose

The purpose of electronic recycling is to keep electronics out of landfills in order to protect our environment.

With over ten years of experience Orlando Recycles has became Orlando’s best electronic recycling company. We offer free evaluation and pick up in order to make your electronic recycling process as easy as possible. When using our services, not only will you have the peace of mind that your electronics are disposed of correctly but in certain cases we will even pay you for them.