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New Year New Office Equipment

The new year often is a time of self reflection and personal growth, however this motivation to make a difference in life isn’t only limited to personal life. Offices across the globe often decide that when the new year comes, new technology and office equipment is necessary. An office equipment upgrade brings benefits for a number of reasons. Of course the fact that computers, laptops, servers, and other electronic devices are constantly advancing gives your company an upper hand if they are equipped with the best of the best. But also providing your employees with the latest technology will boost their morale and productivity. However, when you decide to upgrade you’re now adding a task to your ever growing to-do list at the start of the year. That’s where Orlando Recycles comes in. Our electronic recycling process offers free pickup of your electronics and in many cases we will pay your business for removing your electronics. 

What’s the Catch? 

We are often met with some skepticism when we tell businesses about our electronic recycling program. They are used to dealing with electronic removal companies that charge an arm and a leg for removing their unwanted electronics. So when they hear that we remove their electronics, organize them, palletize them, do all the heavy lifting, and then remove them in our truck they are shocked. Add to the fact that we often pay for this service, they then begin their is some hidden fee we aren’t telling them about. However, there is no need to worry! The fact is our company is dedicated to keeping Central Florida beautiful. The way we commit to this mission is by helping businesses make proper decisions when it comes to removing electronics. Oftentimes when companies upgrade their office electronics, items such as computers,laptops,servers, businesses phones, tablets, etc. get thrown away in the dumpster behind the office. When this happens the electronics enter a landfill and will cause irreversible damage to the environment. Our service makes it convenient for businesses to make the right decision when it comes to electronic disposal and in many cases even gets them paid! 

But Wait, That’s Not All! 

As if free pickup and monetary compensation for your unwanted electronics wasn’t enough, there are many other reasons Orlando Recycles has been Orlando’s #1 electronic recycling company for over a decade now. One of the additional perks Orlando Recycles offers that businesses appreciate the most is our secure data protection guarantee. Any item that comes into our facility, whether it is a personal computer, laptop, or a businesses server gets wiped clean immediately. If your business is in an industry that has sensitive information and is required to prove a certificate of destruction we also offer this service! 

If your business is going through an office upgrade and you’re wondering “Who picks up business computers?” look no further than Orlando Recycles. As explained earlier, our process is not only convenient for your business, but is environmentally friendly, and fiscally beneficial!  For more information call us today at 407-273-1395.