How Black Friday & Cyber Monday Impacts the Enviornment

Black Friday (and now cyber Monday) shopping has been an American tradition for decades now. Dating back to the early 1960’s, Americans gather in groves to purchase the latest fashion trends, tools, gadgets, toys, and technology. However the past decade some of the most sought after items have been electronics such as laptops, iPhones, tablets, televisions, desktops, etc. While the excitement of purchasing the latest technology on the market at a discounted price can be a great feeling, oftentimes once the new piece of technology arrives at your house a new challenge presents itself. This challenge is figuring out how to get rid of your old electronics that you have now replaced. While you may know that you shouldn’t throw your old electronics in the garbage, unfortunately this is not yet common knowledge to the general public. Because of this, oftentimes when consumers purchase items for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, unfortunately the unwanted electronics will end up in the garbage, causing damage to the environment for generations to come.  

What Should I Do With My Old Electronics?

Instead of throwing your old electronics away when you receive your Black Friday / Cyber Monday purchases you should look into removing your electronics via an electronic recycling company. Electronic recycling companies, such as Orlando Recycles, will make sure that your old electronics do not enter a landfill and are recycled properly. If you live in Orlando or Central Florida area you know how beautiful the environment is. By recycling your old electronics with an electronic recycling company like Orlando Recycles you are assuring your electronics don’t end up in a landfill by either finding a new home or being broken down to its component parts and recycled properly. 

How Can I Recycle my Electronics with Orlando Recycles?

The simplicity and efficiency of our process is what has made us Orlando’s #1 electronic recycling company for over a decade now. To give you an example of how easy our process is I will go through the process of a Black Friday consumer looking to recycle their old electronic with Orlando Recycles. Let’s say Jim decided he wanted to purchase a new laptop on Black Friday even though he has a laptop already. When he gets home he googles “How do I throw away my laptop?” because he knows he shouldn’t throw his laptop in the garbage. He will then find Orlando Recycles! All he has to do is give us a call and let us know when he would like to drop off his laptop. If he can make it during our business hours of 10AM-5PM Monday – Friday we will help Jim with his unload process. If he cannot make it during our business hours that is ok! Orlando Recycles has an electronic recycling bin available to the public 24/7 that he can drop off his laptop in! After the laptop enters our facility we will then test it for functionality. Assuming the laptop is in working condition we will then try our best to find a new home for the laptop. If the laptop is not functional or has reached its end of life, meaning it is no longer desirable that is ok! Orlando Recycles will demanufacture your electronics that are no longer working or are outdated and make sure the parts are recycled properly. 

If you are interested in how electronic recycling can help protect the environment, want more information on electronic recycling in general or if you want to schedule a drop off for your electronics your replaced during Black Friday or Cyber Monday call Orlando Recycles today at 407-273-1395