Electronic Donations: Giving Back to the Community you Love

The Holiday season brings joy to people all over the world. Spending time with your family, eating delicious food, cheerful music, and celebrating the years accomplishments are all staples of “the most wonderful time of the year”. However one principle of the holiday season stands out amongst the rest and that is gift giving. The feeling of giving a gift to someone you love or someone who is in need is one that is unmatched.  However, this feeling doesn’t have to be limited to the traditional way of giving gifts with a present under the tree, being included in one of the nights of hanukkah, or wrapped up and given to a loved one. Donating your unneeded electronics can also be a fulfilling action and is appreciated to not only the person who receives your donation, but anyone living in the area because you are doing your part in making sure that your electronics don’t damage the environment.

How Can I Donate my Electronics? 

If you are in the holiday spirit and are wanting to donate your unwanted electronics, the best way to do so is to contact your local electronic recycling center. If you are in the Central Florida area then you’re in luck, because Orlando Recycles makes donating your electronics as easy as possible! Just give us a call to schedule your electronic donation dropoff and if you come during our business hours of 10AM-5PM we will help you unload your electronics! If you are unable to come during our business hours we have an electronic recycling bin that is available 24/7!  

Secure Data Protection

Another reason Orlando Recycles has been Central Florida’s #1 electronic recycling company for over a decade is our data protection promise. Any electronic that comes through our facility either through donation or a business recycling pickup is wiped clean. Your security is a main priority to us. If your electronic has information that is sensitive on it and you’d like to receive a data destruction certificate this is also an option we offer. 

Can my Business Donate it’s Electronics? 

While Orlando Recycles has helped thousands of Central Florida residents with their electronic donations and electronic recycling, our speciality is assisting businesses. If you’re a Central Florida business and are interested in donating your electronics that you are not using Orlando Recycles is your best option. We offer FREE pickup to businesses in the Central Florida area, where our procurement experts will do all of the organizing, palletizing, and heavy lifting! Not only that but in some cases we will pay you for recycling your electronics properly! That’s right, many times when a Central Florida business reaches out ot us about a donation they are happy to hear that their donation will actually earn them cash! This is our way of thanking you for keeping our environment beautiful for generations to come. Sometimes doing the right thing pays off! 

For more information about donating your personal electronics or to get scheduled for an electronic donation pickup for your business contact Orlando Recycles today at 407-273-1395.