How Do I Throw Away my iPhone?

With the iPhone releasing new versions of itself every year (occasionally multiple times a year) the turnover rate on ‘outdated” iPhones is exponential. With Apple having somewhat of a cult following, their loyal customers enjoy having the newest iPhone on the market. The question a lot of consumers face after getting the new iPhone is “How do I throw away my old iPhone?”. The correct answer is that you should never throw away an iPhone! iPhones, just like most electronic devices, contain elements in them that are very harmful to our environment. Once the iPhone enters the landfill, the runoff begins and our environment is being harmed. To properly dispose of your iPhone you should contact your local electronic recycling company, like Orlando Recycles. 

How Can I Recycle my iPhone?

Recycling your iPhone with Orlando Recycles is very simple and convenient. If you contact us during our business hours of 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday our experts will help you over the phone and can get you scheduled to come in and drop off your iPhone. However, if you cannot come to our facility to recycle your iPhone during our business hours that’s ok! We have an electronic recycling bin outside of our facility that is open to the public 24/7! Simply just pull into our facility and drop your iPhone off in the electronic recycling bin! Our process ensures that your iPhone does not enter a landfill and that it is recycled properly, even if it’s not functional! 

Will my iPhone’s Data be Protected?

At Orlando Recycles any electronic that comes in is wiped of it’s data by our technology experts. If you want to take extra precautions we do offer a certificate of destruction for an additional cost. If you’re dropping off an electronic with a hard drive we also offer hard drive shredding. While we do ensure your iPhone’s data will be protected we do encourage you to do a device reset before bringing your iPhone in for recycling. To reset your iPhone, select Settings > General > Reset and click Erase All Content and Settings. This, along with our tech experts wiping them, will ensure that your data is secure! 

If you’re in the Orlando or Central Florida area and want to recycle your iPhone properly contact Orlando Recycles today! The simplicity and effectiveness of our process is why we have been Central Florida’s #1 iPhone recycling service for over a decade! To schedule your dropoff call us today at 407-273-1395!