How Do I Recycle My Tablet?

When the iPad was first introduced to the market over a decade ago tablets were thought to be a rare innovation that was available to upper middle class and up. As any piece of technology does, tablets eventually became produced more efficiently and at a cheaper price as time went on. Now, over the past decade tablets have become a hot commodity for personal use as well as for commercial use. Tablets are used by a wide range of individuals from toddlers learning their A.B, C’s to multimillion dollar companies loaning tablets out to their employees. In a sense the tablet has replaced the notebook. Because tablets have become so popular there is a lot of turnover of “older” technology. For example after 2 years a company or a school may find it in their best interest to replace their tablets but now are stuck with hundreds of tablets they aren’t going to be using. This is where Orlando Recycles comes in. We have been helping people recycle their electronics since before tablets were even around! Our process has made us the most trusted tablet recycling company in Central Florida. 

Will You Recycle my Personal Tablets? 

Yes, Orlando Recycles will assist you with recycling your personal tablets. Our process is made to be as simple as possible for the general public. All you have to do is come by our facility during our business hours of 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday and we will unload your tablets for you. While we remove any data on the devices that are recycled through our facility, it is recommended that you remove any data on your tablet before you bring it in. Our process is FREE, there is no charge for recycling your tablet with us! This process ensures that your tablet does not end up in a landfill and does not become E-waste. Making the right decision has never been easier!

How Do I Recycle my Business Tablets? 

In 2021 it seems as if every company has tablets available for one task or another. Whether it’s an administrative tablet that customers use to fill out their information, a tablet a technician can use in the field, a tablet that can monitor point of sales transactions at the cash register, etc. There are so many ways a business can utilize the convenience of a tablet. This can unfortunately lead to a high turnover rate of the technology. While the size of tablets are convenient for employees and customers to handle, their size also makes them convenient to be pushed to the side when they aren’t being used. During our decade-long tenure of assisting Central Florida businesses with their electronic recycling, we have seen many tablets turn into nothing more than an expensive coaster. 

Instead of letting your unused tablets sit around collecting dust, let Orlando Recycles recycle your tablets properly for you. Not only do we offer this service for free, but in many cases we will pay for your used tablets. The simplicity and efficiency of our process is what has made us Central Florida’s #1 electronic recycling company for over ten years. First you will need to contact us by phone, email, or form submission regarding your tablets and other electronics you want to recycle. Once we are in contact with you we will want to know information about them such as quantity, model, and other specs you may know such as processor, memory, etc. The more information you can provide to us about your items the better of an initial quote we can give you. After this information is received we will work with scheduling a free pickup around your desired date and time. Once you’re scheduled our procurement team will arrive to your business and remove all of your equipment for you! After the tablets and other equipment is loaded up for recycling we will then bring them back to our facility for evaluation. Once the tablets are evaluated and assuming they are functioning properly we will send you a business check in the mail. It’s that easy! 

If you are looking for a tablet recycling service for your personal or business tablets call Orlando Recycles today! Our experts are waiting to get you scheduled for your free pickup!