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What to Do With Your Old Electronics During The Holiday Season

Gifts are a staple of the holiday season. Electronics are amongst the most popular gifts given to loved ones. The excitement of receiving the newest technology is a feeling everyone enjoys. However, as the old saying goes “Out with the old, in with the new” also applies to technology. The acquisition of the newest technology means the end of days for older technology. Unfortunately most people aren’t aware of the options they have for getting rid of their old electronics. Below are some of the options you have with handling your old electronics during the holiday season.

  1. Throw them in the trash

This is the worst decision you can make when it comes to getting rid of your old electronics. While you may think this is convenient, you may not know the damage you are doing to the environment by doing so. Electronics going to a landfill damage the environment in irreversible ways. You should NEVER choose to throw away electronics.

  1. Put them in the junk drawer and ignore it

This option is definitely one of the more convenient options; however this is not the correct way to go about your electronic removal. The simple reason being that it’s not removal at all. Just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it has been removed. Unfortunately this decision is made too often. Eventually down the road you will want to put something else in your junk drawer and there will not be enough room. Also, the longer that you let your old electronics sit in your junk drawer the more money you lose on possible re-sale value.

  1. Find them a new home

Whether through reselling or donation, finding a new home for your old electronics is an excellent option after the holiday season. While you may have no purpose for an older piece of technology there are many people out there who would love to have them. If you have the time reselling them is the option that would be the more beneficial to you. However, if you’re still in the holiday spirit donating the electronics to someone who would appreciate them is also a fulfilling option. While these options might not be as convenient as throwing them away or hoarding them, it is the ethically superior and more efficient option.

  1. Find an electronic recycler

The best choice you can make while looking for a way to get rid of your old electronics is to find an electronic recycler. The holiday season is the most chaotic and busy time of the year. The most time efficient and environmentally responsible way to get rid of your old electronics is to contact Orlando Recycles. Our free removal process makes this decision as easy as possible on you. Our recycling experts ensure that your electronics either find a new home or are broken down properly and won’t cause any damage to the environment. This is by far the best option you have when you don’t know where to get rid of old electronics.

Don’t make the holiday season anymore complicated on yourself. If you are lucky enough to receive new electronics for the holidays and aren’t sure what to do with your old electronics contact us today. Our process saves you precious time during this busy time of the year and ensures you made the environmentally friendly decision. If you come during our regular business hours of 10AM-5PM Monday through Friday, call ahead and we will even help you unload the items from your vehicle. Call us at407-273-1395.