Stack of Laptops

Where Can I Throw Away Laptops?

No matter if you’re upgrading equipment, downsizing your office, or even just doing some spring cleaning, clutter in your workspace starts to add up. One of the most common types of clutter is technology. We have most likely all been guilty of holding on to an old laptop for no reason because it doesn’t take up too much space. You can just place it in the junk drawer and forget about it. This same situation happens in the workspace. Many companies will have outdated laptops they just keep them in the storage closet and they sit there collecting dust. Eventually the office manager finds out the hard way that there is only so much space in that storage closet. At Orlando Recycles, we offer simple solutions for you or your business to safely dispose of your laptops.

Can I Throw Away Laptops?

You should never throw away a laptop or any type of technology. The reason: most laptops contain chemicals and substances that do severe harm to the environment. Some of these toxic chemicals or components include mercury, barium, lithium, lead, and much more. When these chemicals enter a landfill, they have adverse effects on the soil. With runoff, these elements end up having an effect on the water supply and air. At Orlando Recycles, it’s our mission to stop people and businesses from throwing away laptops by giving them eco-friendly alternatives.

How Can I Get Rid of Laptops Without Throwing Them Away?

Electronic recycling is the best alternative to throwing away laptops. Electronic recycling companies like Orlando Recycles make sure that laptops don’t end up in landfills. We take old or used laptops from other businesses and refurbish them or break them down to their component parts.  In certain cases we will even pay businesses for their laptops. We make it an easy choice for a business to recycle their laptops with us because of the convenience and compensation. We schedule a time to come to your business for a free pickup and evaluation. This is a best case scenario for companies because they are clearing space in their office, getting some money in their pocket, and most importantly—doing the right thing for the environment. Call 407.273.1395 today for your free assessment and pickup.

Can I Still Recycle My Laptop with Orlando Recycles If I’m Not a Business?

While Orlando Recycles only deals with business to business technology acquisitions, we still want people to make the environmentally safe decision for disposing of a laptop.  If you are looking for a way to recycle your personal laptop we are here to help. In the front of our warehouse we have an electronic recycling bin that is free for anyone to use 24/7. We are in the office between 10AM-5PM and are here to help you unload. If you pull up to the bin you can give us a call at 407.273.1395and we will help you safely dispose of your laptop. This assures that your laptop is not damaged during dropoff as well as no other products in the bin in the time.