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The Do’s & Don’ts of Removing Office Equipment

Moving offices can be a dreadful process. From the organizing, to packing, and to the move itself, it all becomes laborious. When you’re moving into a new office the main thing on your mind is a new beginning in a new space. Orlando Recycles is an electronic recycling company that services businesses that are going through this transition. We take all the hassle out of removing old office equipment. From your free pickup all the way to the disposition process, which can end up earning you some money, you’ll be able to rest assured that your removal process will go as smooth as possible. Below are some tips that will make your removal process as easy as possible.

Do Remove Your Office Equipment Responsibly

When an office is closing, going through equipment upgrade, or is doing some spring cleaning, removing the office equipment is always a burden. Unfortunately, what you are going to do with the old equipment is nota topic of discussion until the new equipment comes in and / or the old equipment has to go. More often than not the solution companies choose is throwing the equipment out. Throwing out electronics is never the proper solution. Electronics contain many toxic elements that damage our environment. In order to remove your office equipment responsibly contact Orlando Recycles. We ensure that your office equipment does not enter a landfill and is disposed of properly. Not only does Orlando Recycles make sure your office equipment is recycled or repurposed properly but in many cases we pay you for that equipment. Call us to schedule your free pickup and evaluation of your equipment. After the evaluation we will send you a business check for your items. Partnering with Orlando Recycles saves your business time and money during its office equipment removal process. Our service isn’t just the best option for the environment, it’s also a responsible business decision. 

Don’t Put Off Removing Your Office Equipment

Your office equipment is an asset. You may not think about them as such but if you own your equipment it is an asset that has value. Like many other assets its value depreciates as time goes on. With technology evolving at an unprecedented pace, the shelf like of office equipment shelf life is getting shorter and shorter. If your office upgrades its equipment and you decide to put the old equipment in a supply closet, the longer it’s in there the more money you lose. The fiscally responsible decision is to sell that equipment as soon as possible because it’s going to be worth the most at that very moment. Unfortunately, companies often wait too long to sell their equipment and end up losing a sizable portion of money that they would have made had they not procrastinated with the selling process.

Do Add Other Items to Your Load to Create More Space & Profit

Orlando Recycles is a full service electronic recycling company. We often accept office equipment that our partners aren’t even we will take. If your office does a full reset we will take a lot more than just your computers. We will take other items such as network switches, servers, hard drives, printers, copiers, fax machines, business phones, telecom devices, and much more. When you are looking to get rid of your office equipment it is much easier to get it all done in one trip. When you reach out to an electronic recycler, inquire about the other items they will be able to remove for you.

Don’t Remove Your Office Equipment without Data Destruction

For over the past decade identity theft has been one of the most common forms of E-crimes. When you remove your office computers or information technology your information is at risk. The only way to assure your data is protected is by data destruction. At Orlando Recycles we offer a state of the art data destruction process. When you chose us to remove your office equipment, any of your sensitive information is destroyed. This protects not only protects your customers but you and your employees as well.

Office Equipment Removal Made Easy

Moving offices or upgrading your office equipment doesn’t have to be difficult. If you follow these steps above your office equipment removal process will go as smoothly as possible. Our experts at Orlando Recycles have over ten years of experience and will ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one. To schedule your free pickup today call 407-273-1395.