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5 Industries That Benefit From Data Destruction

The value of your data is at an all time high and its value is only going to increase. The fact your data is so valuable means that people will nefariously attempt to acquire it. There are a number of reasons that criminals want to obtain your data. At the top of that list? Identity theft.

As a business owner it is your responsibility to not only protect your own data from identity theft, but the data of your clients and employees as well. A sure way to protect your data is through data destruction . With our cutting edge data destruction, you can be assured Orlando Recycles will protect your company’s data.

Many industries don’t know if they should, or in some cases need, data destruction when disposing of electronics. While some industries aren’t required to destroy data, it is in the best interest of most. Below is a list of five industries that should be using proper data destruction when disposing of their equipment.

  1. Healthcare

There are many reasons why the healthcare industry needs to use data destruction. There’s not only the underlying issue of identity theft, but there is highly sensitive personal data available as well. While there is no HIPAA instruction on how to dispose of data (only that it must be done), they do require that all protected health information is removed before disposal. Partnering with Orlando Recycles ensures that your healthcare facility does not violate any HIPPA codes. We physically destroy all healthcare data through our state of the art data destruction process.

  1. Government Entities

Data destruction is important to all government entities, from local government to federal government agencies. It is our government’s duty to protect their citizens. While identity theft is not what typically comes to mind when thinking of the dangers the government protects you from, they still need to assure they are not making it easy for criminals to do this. Physical data destruction is the best way for a government entity to ensure that their citizens’ data and identities are being properly protected.

  1. Education

Similar to healthcare institutions and their HIPAA regulations for data destruction, educational institutions have a privacy act that protects student’s information. FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, protects the privacy of students information. At Orlando Recycles we understand the importance of protecting student’s information, from elementary all the way to university. We guarantee proper student data destruction.

  1. Law Offices

Data destruction is a touchy subject when it comes to the law office industry. The reason that data destruction is an odd subject for law offices is that there are many laws that require document retention policies. This means there is a minimum amount of time that law offices are required to hold onto their information. If they fail to do so they can be sued for malpractice. Regardless, law offices will still need to destroy their data eventually. When law offices destroy their data they need to do so with the utmost care.  Failure to do so not only jeopardizes their client’s data but their license to practice law.

  1. Banking & Financial

There are few things that people are as protective about as their finances. Your data ending up in the wrong hands can be financially crippling. If the data that was stolen is your banking and financial information, the danger increases exponentially. That is why the importance of banking and financial institutions destroying their data properly is so critical. Orlando Recycles’ data destruction program will keep your financial data safe and therefore keeping your customer’s confidence in your bank or financial institution.

There are many more industries in which data destruction is crucial. To keep your business, employees and clients safe it is your responsibility to properly destroy your data. Orlando Recycles offers state of the art data destruction as well as free pickup. To schedule your free pickup & assessment call Orlando Recycles at (407) 273-1395.