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Where Can I Sell Office Equipment in Lake Mary?

Selling unused or unwanted office equipment can be overwhelming & can take up valuable time when you could be getting work done in the office. Between finding buyers for multiple items, scheduling deliveries, and collecting payments—the time of labor adds up. After a while when the process becomes too laborious people can become discouraged and decide to throw away their equipment. Throwing away electronics is never the proper option for disposal. If your office is located in Lake Mary there is a more responsible solution to your office equipment removal. When you throw away electronics they end up in a landfill and this causes damage to the Lake Mary community. If your office is closing & you want to get rid of old equipment, or if you’re downsizing your office, Orlando Recycles is your one stop shop for disposing all of your office equipment. Not only do we pick up all of your equipment for free, but in certain cases we will even pay you for it.

Doing What’s Right for Your Business

When you’re running a business, time can be just as valuable as money. Organizing your office equipment, finding buyers for it, packaging it, shipping it,& delivering takes up a lot of time that could be used in other ways to better your business. The time spent on organizing these products and selling them all individually is not worth the time and labor. It’s a more lucrative and efficient process when your office equipment can be sold in bulk and taken away at once. Working with Orlando Recycles takes all of the hassle out of your disposal process and saves you time. Once you schedule your free pickup we will come out to your Lake Mary office and take care of all the heavy lifting and loading process. Not only is there a possibility of your company making some money from your equipment, but you’ll be saving time and labor.

Doing What’s Right for Lake Mary

When you partner with Orlando Recycles, you’re not only making a smart business decision but you’re also making the right decision to protect the Lake Mary community.  Orlando Recycles is Lake Mary’s best electronic recycling company. When you decide to partner with us we will pick up your equipment for free and then assess it for value. In some cases, the products we receive have reached their end of life (EOL) and have no resale value.  However, EOL products are not an issue for us. When we receive products who have reached EOL we break them down to their component parts and recycle them. Our process assures that no electronics end up in a landfill. By keeping your electronics out of a landfill you’re helping keep Lake Mary’s environment clean and healthy.

When you partner with Orlando Recycles you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have kept the Lake Mary community clean and in some cases will be rewarded for this with cash. If you’re experiencing difficulty offloading your old or unwanted office equipment call us today. Our trusted staff will come to your Lake Mary office and remove the office equipment at no cost to you. If you have any questions or you want to start your responsible disposal process today give us a call at (407) 273-1395.