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What Does EOL Mean?

EOL is a term used for electronics that stands for “end of life”. A product reaches its end of life when it is no longer operational or useful. Many electronics are thrown away once they reach the end of their useful life because there is no resale value or the item is simply not usable anymore. However, throwing away electronics that has reached its end of life isn’t an appropriate way to dispose of it. Even if the product is no longer operational it contains toxic elements that damage the environment. The best way to dispose of a product that has reached its EOL is through electronic recycling. At Orlando Recycles if we receive an EOL product we break it down to its component parts. This process ensures that the EOL product doesn’t go into a landfill and damage the environment.

How Does a Product Reach EOL?       

Electronics have a life cycle just like anything else does. Unfortunately, with the rapid evolution of technology the lifespan of technology is becoming shorter and shorter. There are many factors that take place throughout a product’s journey to EOL. Below is a step by step breakdown of an electronics lifespan until it reaches its EOL.

Product Release –When a product is released, there is typically an excitement behind it. This is because it is the best technology on the market and people are excited to use all of the new features. This results in a boom of sales putting a large number of the electronic devices out into the public.

End of Life Announcement –Ironically, an end of life announcement typically comes in the form of another product release announcement. An example of this is when Apple announces their new iPhone. That announcement is also an announcement that the end of life for the previous iPhoneis coming. During this time period the original product & replacement parts are still being produced. However the value of the item has already decreased drastically as well as the public’s interest.

End of Sales – This stage occurs when the manufacturer decides to stop producing and selling new units of the original product. There will still be parts for repair and there will still be a market for used items. This means there will still be minimal interest for the product.

End of Repairs –When a manufacturer decides to stop making replacement parts for an outdated piece of technology, it is at its final stage of life. With the minimal interest in the product from the public there is nothing to benefit from continuing to produce replacement parts. When they stop producing these parts, it also creates an incentive for anyone who was holding onto that product to upgrade to a newer generation.  This is a win-win for the manufacturer.

End of Life – After a product no longer has replacement parts and it breaks there is no longer any use for the product. However, many products reach their end of life way before that in the eyes of the general public. Obsolete technology will often be tossed into a junk drawer or closet. When it comes time to clean a lot of people don’t think twice about tossing an EOL product in the garbage.

Orlando Recycles would love to take your EOL products off your hands. We specialize in business to business electronic recycling; however we also take pride in protecting our environment from E-waste. If your company has any EOL products call us today at 407-273-1395 to schedule your free pickup and evaluation.