Computers in trash

Is It Ok To Throw Away Electronics?

No. It is never ok to throw away electronics in the garbage. The reason? Electronics contain many toxic elements that do long-lasting & irreversible damage to our environment. There are many alternatives to throwing away electronics that are environmentally friendly and in some cases a lucrative business decision. At Orlando Recycles our mission is to assist businesses in using alternative tactics for disposing of their electronics. We make your disposal process as easy as possible with our free pickup & assessment.

Why Can’t I Throw Away Electronics?

The reason it’s not ok to throw away electronics is that when they enter landfills their toxic chemicals have haphazard effects on the surrounding environments. These chemical elements affect our air, water, and our soil. One of the most common and detrimental ways these toxins damage the environment is through water runoff. When rain hits the landfill and meets the electronics the water that is running off will carry trace amounts of toxic chemicals.  These toxins include mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, & much more. When these chemicals are exposed to the environment it can cause major issues for the surrounding community including the animals and plant life it entails.

Another way these toxic elements of E-waste are released into our environment is through fire. Whether it is unintentional or intentional fires occur in landfills. When electronics burn, toxic elements are released into our air. Some of the toxic materials that are released when an electronic device is set on fire include arsenic, hydrochloric acid, chromium, beryllium, and others. These all have harmful effects to the human body as well as our atmosphere.

To make matters worse, when an electronic device enters a landfill—there is no telling how long it will stay there. Electronics are not biodegradable and will not organically break down over time. This is why it is so important to never throw your electronics away and keep them out of our landfills.

What Can I Do With Electronics I Want To Throw Away?

The best way to dispose of unwanted electronics is through electronic recycling. Electronics typically can’t be placed in your residential recycling bin. You need to find an electronics recycling company that knows how to properly dispose of them. One of the methods electronics recyclers use to properly dispose of these items is resale. Just because your electronic device isn’t servicing you anymore doesn’t mean there isn’t someone who is looking to use it. There are many people who buy outdated technology for reasons that range from color correction, old technology compatibility, collection, etc.

Another way electronic recyclers keep electronics out of landfills is through refurbishment. Many people throw away their electronic devices in the garbage because it is broken or damaged.  Another common reason electronics are thrown away is that the cost to repair a broken electronic is not worth it to the user so they will simply toss it in the garbage. However, most electronic recyclers have the ability to refurbish broken items and resell them at a discounted price. This benefits everyone involved and more importantly protects the environment.

Unfortunately some items are so damaged or so outdated that they have reached their end of life (EOL).  At Orlando Recycles if we receive electronics that have reached their EOL we break down them down to their component parts. After we break them down we sort them and sell them as E-waste. While this process is laborious, this assures that the E-waste doesn’t end up in the landfill.

We Will PAY YOU Not to Throw Out Your Electronics

As you may have noticed by now, Orlando Recycles is passionate about protecting our environment. We are so dedicated to keeping electronics out of landfills that we will buy electronics from businesses to ensure they are not thrown out. While we only pay for business electronics, we accept personal electronics for at no cost to you 24/7. We have an electronic recycling bin open for you to use whenever you’d like. However, if you come during our business hours of Monday through Friday 10:00AM-5:00PM, you can call us and we will help you with your unloading process.

If your business has electronics that are not being used or items that you don’t know what to do with, call Orlando Recycles today at 407-273-1395. We will pickup your equipment for free & in some cases pay you for it!