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How to Secure Your Data Before Getting Rid of Your Computer or Phone

An issue we see too often at Orlando Recycles is our partners disposing of their computers or cell phones without clearing their data beforehand.  Luckily for our partners, here at Orlando Recycles our protocol requires our experts to overwrite or destroy any data that comes into our inventory. This assures that no one’s sensitive information is at risk of ending up in the wrong hands. We never want to see anyone experience negative consequences for disposing of electronics properly.

How You Can Secure Your Data

The process of securing your data and protecting your sensitive information varies from device to device. As you might expect, the easiest way to secure your data before disposing of your electronic device is through using an app. Mac computers offer a number of data eraser apps and PCs also have a variety of eraser tools as well.

If you’re disposing of iPhones doing a hard reset is the best way to remove your data. In order to perform a hard reset, go to Settings > General > Reset. Then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Android phones also offer an option to perform a factory reset. To perform the Android reset, follow the following instructions:Go to your Android’s Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset.Choose reset phone. Enter pass code and erase everything.

By removing your data from the electronics you’re disposing of, you’re not only assuring that your sensitive information is safe, you’re also helping the electronic recycler you are partnering with. At Orlando Recycles we will overwrite or destroy your data regardless if it hasn’t been reset. However when you don’t reset your items there are some security issues that we run into when trying to refurbish and resell them. If we cannot unlock phones or computers because they have not been reset we are losing time and money. We not only won’t be able to sell the items but in order to dispose of the product properly we have to break down each item to their component parts. While this labor does take up quite a bit of time, our company is dedicated to the proper disposal of electronics. By making sure your electronics are properly reset before bringing them to Orlando Recycles you are in effect helping the cause of stopping electronics from entering a landfill and doing a service to the environment.

Proof is Available

Whether you’re a partner of ours that dropped off a single personal electronic device or a partner who is recycling 200 computers, Orlando Recycles offers certificates of data destruction. Not only will we overwrite or destroy your data but we can offer your company or client proof of destruction. We understand some industries are in charge of very sensitive information. Industries such as the healthcare & government entities have laws that require that data is destroyed properly. Our state of the art data destruction process offers the proper certificates your industry needs to prove that you took the proper precautions with their sensitive information.

Destroying data shouldn’t only be a precaution taken when you’re required to. As a business your customers & employees instill trust in you when they give you their information. It is your responsibility to make sure their data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. If you have computers or phones you need to securely dispose of call us today at 407.273.1395 to set up your free pickup. Our process assures that your data is secure and that your items are disposed of properly!