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The Effect COVID-19 Has Had On Offices

COVID-19 has brought us challenges unlike anything we have ever seen before. This unprecedented event will change many of the normal activities we used to partake in. One of the most notable places that COVID-19 has reshaped is the office space. When COVID-19 hit, businesses had to learn how to adapt to many challenges it brought along. In order for companies to remain profitable, or in some cases remain open, changes had to be made. One of the ways companies decided to combat the virus was the decision to let their employees work remotely.  This decision has not only allowed companies to operate successfully, but it also could affect the way some companies operate permanently.

What Does More People Working Remotely Mean For An Office?

Across the globe companies have taken notice of the benefits of their employees working remotely.  If their business can succeed without the overhead of an office space and electronics, then why would they continue to spend that money?  It is predicted that 67% of businesses that started working remotely during the pandemic are going to work from home permanently or for a long time. The longer companies see the effectiveness of employees working from home and lucrative advantages of not paying overhead for a commercial office space the more likely it will be that the tradition of coming into an office and working everyday ceases to continue.

What To Do With A Surplus of Office Equipment?

As offices close down & make the jump to working from home there will be a surplus of office equipment not being used. The question then becomes what companies are going to do with this surplus of office equipment. They can’t just abandon their IT equipment, computers, laptops, servers, etc. If you are running a business with this surplus the smartest option to remove your office equipment surplus is to contact an electronic recycler near you.  Electronic recycling companies such as Orlando Recycles make it as easy as possible to remove your unused office equipment and will pay you for it. Electronic recycling is the smartest business decision someone can make when closing down their office.

What Office Items Will Orlando Recycles Take?

When you decide to make the call to sell your items to Orlando Recycles you may not be sure what all we accept. We will accept any desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, servers, towers, audio or visual equipment, network switches, motherboards, printers, fax machines, copy machines, hard drives, and much more.  We are capable of removing all of your electronics at once making the process as easy as possible. For companies who handle sensitive information, we also offer data destruction. This assures that the privacy of your customers and employees is protected.

What Office Items Will Orlando Recycles Not Take?

Orlando Recycles is dedicated to keeping E-waste out of landfills, so we only focus on your electronics. Some items we are not able to receive from your office closure include desks, lights, chairs, pens, cubicles, and other non-electronic items.  Our company’s expertise is electronic disposal and liquidation. We pride ourselves in being a master of our craft and because of this the items we don’t take are not accepted. We hope you are still interested in the proper disposal of those items and in many cases can point you in the right direction in where to do so.

How Do I Remove My Office Equipment Surplus?

If your Central Florida office is closing down and you’re not sure what to do with all of your equipment call Orlando Recycles today. We are Central Florida’s most trusted company for electronic recycling. During our ten years of operation we have learned how to make your experience as easy as possible from start to finish. Our experts are there to help from your free evaluation to the disposal of your equipment.

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