Dave Archard

A Note From Dave Archard, Procurement Manager

Over the past decade the electronics recycling industry has changed drastically. When I started with Orlando Recycles more than 10 years ago, companies and individual consumers often didn’t think twice about throwing away an outdated or non-working electronic device.

Now that technology has become intertwined in our everyday lives, awareness of electronic recycling is at an all time high. It’s great to see awareness has continued to grow in my ten years in the industry because technology turnover has become more prevalent than ever. While I have seen improvements in the industry, we at Orlando Recycles are aware that there is still more work to be done.

A Growing Problem

E-waste is a waste stream that is growing faster than any other. A record 53.6 million tons of E-waste was produced globally in 2019, almost 150 times heavier than the Empire State Building! All of this E-waste contains toxic elements that are extremely harmful to our environment. When electronics enter a landfill these toxicities cause irreversible damage to our community and ecosystem. I have dedicated over ten years of my career trying to slow down this problem by informing businesses about their responsibility to dispose of their electronics properly, as well as assisting them in their process.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The question remains: what to do with it all? I always tell people the best solution to solving the E-waste problem is to reduce, reuse and recycle. A good way for a business start to this process is to identify any surplus electronics. Once you have a surplus of nonessential equipment simply contact me or one of our other experts here at Orlando Recycles for a free pickup & evaluation. Once you contact us we will help make your electronic recycling experience as enjoyable as possible.

Our Process

The process starts by evaluating your equipment, including an assessment of the potential worth of that equipment. The next step includes a free pick up at your business and then a transport of your equipment to our warehouse for further evaluation and operational testing. After our experienced techs determine condition and residual value of your equipment, we will send you a quote on the compensation you can receive. Upon your bid acceptance, we issue a company check to your company within 3-5 business days as total payment in full.