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5 Items We Can Accept & 5 Items We Can’t Accept

Orlando Recycles is dedicated to keeping our environment clean by assuring that no electronics end up in landfills. We understand the importance of recycling items other than electronics—however technology is our specialty.  We are often asked if we can help companies by taking items that we are not qualified to accept. On the other end of the spectrum, we also have clients that are surprised at some of the items we will accept and even will pay them for. Below are some examples of items you may be surprised that we do accept and also a list of items you may not realize we can’t accept.

  1. We Will Accept Telephones

When an office is closing or upgrading their equipment they will partner with us to liquidate their old computers or laptops. During our initial discussion they are usually surprised that we sometimes pay them for their telephones, cell phones, and telecom equipment.

  1. We Will Not Accept CRT Televisions Or Monitors

The reason we don’t accept CRT televisions or monitors because of the amount of dangerous materials in them. CRTs contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, phosphorus, beryllium and more. Because CRTs contain these toxic materials they are dangerous to disassemble. Orlando Recycles is not certified in removing these pieces of technology. However you should NEVER dispose of one through a dumpster. There are many alternatives to throwing out a CRT such as re-selling, donating it, or finding a facility that is certified to dispose of it properly. You can also check your local county to see what their disposal options are.

  1. We Will Accept Wireless Access Points

Whether you’re downsizing your office space or making a switch in wireless networks your old wireless access points will have to go. It’s convenient to toss wireless access points in a drawer or storage place because of their size, but eventually space will run out. Don’t throw them away! We will be happy to pick them up for free and re-purpose or recycle them.

  1. We Will NOT Accept The Office Refrigerator

When a company is closing and says “everything must go” we know that they actually mean EVERYTHING. However we are not in the business of refurbishing or reselling refrigerators or other kitchen appliances. Your best option for disposing of your refrigerator properly is through donation or resale. Refrigerators still contain toxic E-waste materials, so throwing it away and allowing it to enter a landfill is an irresponsible solution. If you cannot donate or resell your refrigerator, scrap metal dealers would happily take it off your hands.

  1. We Will Take Walkie Talkies (Two Way Radios)

If your job site has completed a project and no longer needs their walkie talkies we will buy them from you. Projects vary in size and occasionally companies will take on a large project that requires more equipment than they have. When this project is over that surplus of equipment will often just collect dust. In certain cases Orlando Recycles we can turn your walkie talkie surplus into cash. We also offer a deprogramming process for two way radios that need to be reset before they are disposed of.

  1. We Will NOT Accept Office Cubicles or Desks

Orlando Recycles is dedicated to helping the environment by keeping electronics out of landfills. While most of office cubicles and desks are not biodegradable, they don’t contain the toxic E-waste our company is concentrated on eliminating.  We understand the importance of recycling these items and would love for you to recycle them responsibly. If you want to get your office cubicles and desks off your hands your best option is through re-sale.

  1. We Will Accept Items With Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries can be intimidating to people because of some of the horror stories that are associated with them. Because of their bad reputation we often talk to customers who assume we don’t accept items containing them. However this is not the case. At Orlando Recycles we assure that your lithium ion batteries are disposed of properly.

  1. We Will NOT Accept Scrap Metal

In our line of work we will often get calls from people who believe our services extend to scrap metal. Scrap metal usually comes in the form of automobiles, shopping carts, construction, etc. As mentioned before, Orlando Recycles is passionate about recycling electronics and keeping them out of landfills. Scrap metal doesn’t fall under the umbrella of e-waste and is not our expertise. Sometimes items we receive will contain metal that we can scrap and will dispose of properly, however we will not exclusively accept scrap metal items.

  1. We Will Accept Ink & Toner

If you are closing your office down and have a surplus of ink or toner Orlando Recycles will accept both of these. People don’t typically think of this when they are using our services, but the more we can help you the better. We will take both items new or old and assure that they will be recycled properly.

  1. We Will NOT Accept Plastic Bottles

Our company name tends to attract people looking to recycle items such as plastic bottles or cans. While we appreciate the effort of recycling items such as plastic bottles, cans, and paper products that is not our businesses priority. We are dedicated to the proper disposal of E-waste and keeping electronics out of landfills. We enjoy seeing the passion of people trying to improve the environment by recycling other materials and will always encourage it, but we cannot help you in this department.

If you need assistance with disposing any of the listed items that we do take give Orlando Recycles a call today 407.273.1395. We offer free pickup and free evaluation of your products. In many cases after our evaluation we will offer you cash for your items. Our mission is to offer you an opportunity to make the right business decision as well as the right environmental decision.