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Frequently Ask Questions...

1. Can I sell you my unwanted items even though I am not a business?

No. Orlando Recycles Inc., only buys from business, municipalities, government agencies, schools, and religious organizations. Individuals wanting to recycle goods may do so for free by dropping the items off at our 24 hour recycle bin located in the parking lot of our facility.

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2. How can I arrange a pickup?

Once we receive a pickup request, we will contact you to make arrangements. Our trucks will pick up equipment from your facility and will thoroughly and responsibly handle all dismantling and removal.

Our team of removal specialists arrives on your site with all the tools needed to palletize, remove and transport your equipment. When the material is back at our facility, it will be sorted according to the requirements of YOUR specific need.

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3. What kind of surplus, unwanted products do you accept for pickup?

Orlando Recycles Inc., can recycle and liquidate just about anything. From IT equipment to office equipment, from test equipment to big machinery, from cameras to audio/video equipment, we accept almost anything.

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4. What kind of services do you offer?
  • Fast and efficient dismantling, removal and pick up at your facility
  • Direct purchase of equipment with residual value
  • Hard drive sanitization and data destruction
  • On-site hard drive and tape backup shredding available using our mobile shredder
  • Remarketing services
  • Recycling services
  • Liquidation services

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5. How can you offer the highest rate of return for surplus inventory?

Orlando Recycles Inc., offers your choice of direct purchase or revenue sharing for any of your excess inventory.

Direct purchase works best for companies that need to get old or obsolete products or inventory out of the warehouse and off the books quickly. We provide an accurate assessment on the value of your excess inventory, make you a fair offer, and get you paid FAST

The revenue sharing option works best for companies who are willing to wait for the items to sell. With this option, we provide a detailed, accurate audit trail for all materials consigned to us. 

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6. How can I get a quote?

If you already have an inventory list made up, we will make an immediate offer based on that information. 

If self-inventory is not an option, we will send a procurement specialist -- at no charge to your company -- to survey and evaluate the value of your inventory. Then we make a purchase offer based on our appraisal. For this option, please either:

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7. How does Orlando Recycles Inc., guarantee data security?

All equipment that has hard drives or data storage capacity is either physically destroyed or wiped using an over-writing procedure which makes data recovery impossible. A destruction report can also be provided upon request.

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8. What kind of data reporting is available for my records?

Orlando Recycles Inc., has the ability to provide you with detailed reporting for each order that we process, including invoice and settlement summaries. 

If you require an asset report -- including each item's make, model, serial number, or data destruction report– this is available upon request.

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9. What is your environmental policy?  

Orlando Recycles Inc., is committed to ensuring the minimum impact on the environment at every level of our business. We strive to prevent pollution and eliminate e-waste (such as computer and IT equipment) in landfills.

Our best practices achieve environmental excellence in all of our refurbishing and recycling operations, to minimize any landfill disposal.

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10. Will my asset tags be removed?

Yes. Orlando Recycles Inc., removes all removable identifying marks from each
piece of equipment, including any asset tags.

We check for a client asset tag or any other identifying stickers during our inspection process, to ensure all client-specific identifying tags and stickers are removed. Identifying marks such as permanent engravings will be addressed on a case by case basis.

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11. How does Orlando Recycles Inc., remarket my old equipment?

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the secondary market, we can accurately assess and maximize the residual value of your surplus equipment and inventory, to get you the most revenue.

In addition, Orlando Recycles Inc., has deep channels in both specialty and international dealer markets, covering broad-based demand for nearly any item. We know from experience which channels will yield the greatest financial return.  We leverage this expertise to maximize your proceeds from every sale.

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12. Can Orlando Recycles Inc., help me donate my old computers to charity? 

Yes. We can either remarket your IT and other equipment or, if you choose, we can donate these assets directly to the charity of your choice.

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