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Data Destruction and Removal in Orlando

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Data Destruction Services

One of the greatest concerns companies have when disposing of their old computers is the removal of confidential personal and proprietary data. If this sensitive information isn’t erased completely, the results could be disastrous for your company.

When you entrust Orlando Recycles Inc, with your unwanted computer equipment, upon request, your data can be destroyed using any of the methods described below all the way up to physical destruction!!

The Department of Defense has issued guidelines on how to wipe clean magnetic media like computers, to guarantee that all data previously stored on them is erased forever. This level of specification is called DOD 5220.22-M. 

Our data destruction service has the ability to meet DOD 5220.22-M standards. Your sensitive information never has to be compromised.

Orlando Recycles Inc, offers you three different levels of hard drive data destruction from which you can choose from:

  • One Pass Data Overwriting. Your data is overwritten one time with a pre-determined pattern of meaningless information.  Many industry experts agree that just the proper one pass overwrite is sufficient for hard drive erasure applications. They concluded that when this process is done properly even analyzing the hard drive with an electron microscope or the most sophisticated statistical tools will not yield anything of meaningful proportions. 
  • Erasure to DOD 5220.22-M Standards. Each sector of the hard drive is written over 3 times with meaningless information.  This method is considered so secure that it is used by the United States Military. 
  • Physical Destruction.  The hard drive is physically crushed and compacted.  Upon request, we can even return the crushed hard drive remains back to your facility at no extra charge.

The Ameri-Shred Shredder is manufactured in the USA. Orlando Recycles, Inc. had this shredder customer made for us. It was built to our specifications and usage requirements. For more information about our shredding services please call us at 407-273-1395


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