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How You Benefit From Recycling

You want to run a “green” business and that means recycling your outdated computers, office equipment, electronics and other inventory.

All that old “stuff” may be hard to get rid of, so it’s just gathering dust, taking up space and costing you money.

But... DID YOU KNOW that most recycling services want you to pay them to take away your old equipment? That’s just not in your budget.

What's in it for YOU When You Recycle Your Surplus Equipment?

Orlando Recycles Inc., is different:

We pick up your unwanted equipment.

And if it has residual value, we will pay you for your excess equipment and surplus inventory.

We handle all the logistics and hard work for you:

  • Fast, efficient equipment de-installation and removal

  • Computer data is automatically destroyed as per our standard operating procedures

  • Itemized data destruction reports are available, upon request, for your records

  • No job is too big: Volume is key.  The more volume you have, the more we will pay you per piece.  From a large industrial or manufacturing complex to a huge government agency, no quantity is too large.

Dispose of Your Old Electronics and Business Equipment.

The expert team at Orlando Recycles Inc., not only recycles but also remarkets any reusable items you may have through our network of nationwide sales channels, to bring you the highest return on your excess inventory and surplus equipment with residual value.

You can choose either direct purchase or revenue sharing:

  • If you want to get paid FAST and need to get old products and inventory out of the warehouse and off the books quickly, we recommend our bid / payout process.

  • However, if your business is willing to wait to see what items sell for, then revenue sharing is an option.

Orlando Recycles Inc., makes it easy for your business to be “green.” Get peace of mind knowing your surplus equipment will be resold for reuse, donated to non-profit groups in your community or people in need, or recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

CONTACT Orlando Recycles Inc., today to discuss your particular equipment purchase and recycling requirements! We are your "go-to" for disposing your computers, computer parts, office equipment, and for general business liquidation.




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