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Click here for a quote and to schedule a FREE pickup from Orlando Recycles.

Welcome to Orlando Recycles Inc.

Orlando Business Surplus and Electronics Recycling

Orlando Recycles Inc., is one of the ONLY liquidation and recycling services that provides FREE PICKUP of your unwanted electronics, computers, office equipment, electronics and other items you may not want anymore –absolutely FREE. PLUS, your business can make money too!

We Purchase Old/Used Electronics and Equipment From Businesses

If you feel your items have potential resale value, Orlando Recycles Inc., can give you a free no obligation quote of what we would pay for those items.  Orlando Recycles Inc., is known to pay the most for your excess inventory and unwanted equipment. Why not give us a try?

  • We pick up your unwanted computers, office equipment, printers, fax machines, phones, workstations, cameras, audio/video equipment, and more – absolutely FREE
  • Per standard operating procedure, we automatically destroy all data on your hard drives and any other component that may contain data. Orlando Recycles Inc., also has the ability to overwrite data all the way up to DoD standards or provide physical destruction by shredding. If requested we can provide a destruction report for your records.
  • We take care of everything: sorting, tag removal, remarketing, parts retrieval, dismantling and disposal

We Recycle Old/Used Electronics and Equipment

Orlando Recycles Inc., serves businesses, organizations, churches, corporations, schools, government agencies and industry. Other recycling and liquidation companies only accept certain brands or types of equipment, BUT we recycle and liquidate almost anything. Just ask!

CONTACT Orlando Recycles Inc., today to discuss your equipment disposal, liquidation and recycling requirements. We want to be your reliable partner for recycling and remarketing your desktops, laptops, capital equipment, telecom systems, networking gear, office equipment, test equipment, video/audio gear, photography equipment and much more.
Call us today at (407)273-1395.


Free Pickup Requirements:

Typically, Orlando Recycles Inc., makes every effort to provide free pickup to businesses but we do reserve the right to refuse pickup. Instances where we may refuse pickup could include:

  1. A quantity that is too small. Orlando Recycles Inc., prefers a quantity at least large enough to fill up a pickup truck. The exception to this rule is if the quantity is small but the value is large.
  2. Where the bulk of your load are items we don't normally take or items that are considered hazardous. A few of these items mixed in may be OK as long as it's not excessive.
  3. Sale by an individual. Orlando Recycles Inc., only buys from business, municipalities, government agencies, schools, and religious organizations. Individuals wanting to recycle goods may do so for free by dropping the items off at our 24 hour recycle bin located in the parking lot of our facility.

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Orlando Recycles Inc. : 5014 Forsyth Commerce Rd., Suite 4, Orlando, FL 32807 : 407-273-1395
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